About Me

About Me, My Website, and My Vision:

Over 15 years of IT experience across business environments ranging from small to Fortune 500 status. Most of these years have been spent completing IT Consulting with a strong focus on virtualization spanning both product lines of Citrix and VMware. In more recent years, this technology focus has shifted more to the Citrix product line due to it's depth, complexity, and desire to be a master in that arena.

The focus on this website is to share and help out other experts in my field and ares of expertise to hopefully make their lives and jobs more efficient and hopefully a bit easier and less stressful. I feel that through my experience of hitting the ground each and every day in providing consulting services to many clients over a years span in time, I can share my real-world findings, configuration observations, pain points, learning lessons, and superior documentation through both Blog articles and Video Training.

Our site has just recently launched, but I see a big future and vision around the amount of content that will be provided Free of Charge as I grow my library of content over the next several months.

Please be patient and support our efforts as we grow and transition into our goal of providing a huge value add in assisting the growth of your career along with the ability to ease the current stresses and pain points of your job today. Thanks!