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DNS Configuration and Troubleshooting

DNS Configuration and Troubleshooting CNAME (DNS Alias Record) Ability to have several fake/alias front end records, which all point to the same back-end real/actual DNS A Record and IP Address. This single DNS A record and IP represents a physical server for actual user request connectivity. (Example Use Cases) You have a single back-end server…
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Internet DNS Name Resolution Process

Internet DNS Name Resolution Process Below is a listing of step by step depiction of the DNS name resolution process from originating client machine through name resolution services across the Internet for final resolution back to the source originating client. In addition, also shown below is a network diagrams giving a detailed graphical depiction of…
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Windows Server 2012 R2 Base Configuration

Windows Server 2012 R2 Base Configuration Vmware, Hypervisor Environment (VM Related Tasks) Resource Assignment RAM, CPU, … Resource Assignment (Advanced) Vdisk Type and other associated settings Virtual NIC allocation and associated settings Virtual Storage Controller Resource Removal Floppy Drive, other CD Mount, ISO, Connect (if booting from ISO for OS Installation) BIOS Boot Options Un-needed…
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Microsoft Group Policy Best Practices

Microsoft Group Policy Best Practices When configuring Group Policies, focus on your end goals What are you trying to accomplish? Tasks at hand? Having direct vision and set of needs/requirements before the actual setup/configuration process is ever started. Big Issues (Common Issues, What to Avoid) GPOs are created over time and not well documented You…
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