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Citrix NetScaler HA Configuration

Citrix NetScaler HA Configuration High Availability configuration of a Citrix NetScaler environment is comprised to 2 separate NetScaler appliances. One acting as Primary/Active and the other acting as Secondary/Passive. If the first NetScaler appliance quits accepting connections for any reason, the secondary appliance takes over and begins actively accepting connections. Configuring your NetScaler environment under…
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Citrix NetScaler Initial Setup Process

Citrix NetScaler Initial Setup Process This article documents the initial tasks needed after taking your Citrix NetScaler MPX or SDX appliance out of it's box that it was shipped in. Tasks covered include racking of the physical NetScaler appliance, power management, and management network connectivity setup and base configuration. Management access includes Lights Out Management…
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Citrix NetScaler Serial Console Connectivity

Citrix NetScaler Serial Console Connectivity In my experience, I have both observed and personally experienced a lot of small yet extremely annoying serial console port connectivity issues when configuring Citrix NetScaler physical appliances. The main example of which is experiencing session presentation and console display feedback issues. Content written to the actual console screen, not…
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Internet DNS Name Resolution Process

Internet DNS Name Resolution Process Below is a listing of step by step depiction of the DNS name resolution process from originating client machine through name resolution services across the Internet for final resolution back to the source originating client. In addition, also shown below is a network diagrams giving a detailed graphical depiction of…
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